Flukiver 5 Injections are an essential part of any strategic fluke control programme in cattle. This flukicide kills adults, immatures and delays egg production. Its double action formula both kills fluke and reduces the chance of re-infection.

Flukiver contains closantel which will treat triclabendazole resistant fluke. Closantel doesn't need to be metabolised by the liver to become active. Flukiver is rapidly absorbed, with peak concentration at 24-48 hours after dosing, but its effect lasts for 9 to 21 days.

The cost of fluke in cattle is significant. In dairy and suckler cows it can result in reduced fertility, reduced milk yields and reduced quality of colostrum. In fattening cattle it can result in reduced growth rates, reduced feed conversion and condemned livers.

                Dosage Information
(at 1ml per 20kg for adult fluke treatment)

Weight           Dose       Doses per bottle
  100kg            5 ml                  50
  150kg          7.5 ml                 33
  200kg           10 ml                 25
  250kg         12.5 ml                20
  300kg           15 ml                 16
  350kg         17.5 ml                14
  400kg           20 ml                 12
  450kg         22.5 ml                11
  500kg           25 ml                 10






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